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I am currently an Assistant professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico.  I was a 2015-2016 research fellow at the Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy at the University of Denver. In Denver, I worked with a group of bright-minded scholars on a project that assesses the role of non-violent actions in violent settings. You can read our blog and updates here. In the Spring of 2015 I completed my Ph.D. in Political Science at Duke University. During my time at Duke I worked with the Crisis Prediction Project (CRISP) under the direction of Michael D. Ward. 

My research broadly centers around issues of political conflict. Currently, I focus on understanding the role of civilians in armed conflict and creating new tools for network analysis in Political Science.  For more info about my research please see the research page; or you can check out my CV here.

In addition, I enjoy writing poetry, riding horses, creating visual media, and am a co-founder of a LGBTQ youth service organization in Durham, North Carolina. I engage in service opportunities through various community oriented projects. I am particularly concerned with minority rights and the creation of research-based media. I hope to help make research accessible and digestible to the public. 

bio photo by Kari Rosenfeld