Assistant Professor of Political Science and affiliated faculty at the Data Science Institute at Vanderbilt University.

I am a conflict scholar working in the Political Science Department at Vanderbilt University. In the past I have studied at Duke University and held positions at the University of Denver and the University of New Mexico. Generally, my research examines questions about political violence, collective action, methodology, and network science.

Currently I study how networks and interdependence condition the strategic logic of violence and patterns of response to violence in crisis-affected regions. I also study the role of unarmed actors and the public—such as civilians and journalists—in these regions. For more details about my research please see my research page; or you can check out my CV here.

Outside of academia, you can usually find me riding horses. I also enjoy creative writing and hiking and I am a co-founder of an LGBTQ youth service organization in Durham, North Carolina. I currently reside in Nashville, TN.

photos: Penny’s bend, NC | Marfa, TX | Caney Fork River, TN