Cassy Dorff

Greetings and welcome to my website! I am an educator, researcher, and writer.

You can find me in the halls of Vanderbilt University where I work as an Assistant Professor of Political Science. I am also teaching faculty in the master’s program at the Data Science Institute and affiliated faculty at the Center for Research on Inequality and Health. In the past, I earned my doctorate at Duke University and previously held positions at the University of Denver and the University of New Mexico. Currently, my core research areas include political violence and conflict, non-violent movements, networks, and methods. For more details about on-going academic projects and past publications, please see my research page.

I am also a volunteer naturalist, a poet, and pretty enthusiastic about horses and birds. These interests may seem disconnected from my work, but they sustain me and provide lateral inspiration for my curiosity about the interconnectedness of our world. I reside with my partner in the town of Nashville, TN and frequently visit southern Appalachia and central Texas.